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Pastor David Lewis

Senior Pastor
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Pastor David Lewis is a native of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He is a High school and Bible School graduate who has done extensive work in Administration in the secular field and also in the Church and Mission Field, both home and abroad. He is a Superintendent of the Church of God in Christ (South Trinidad Jurisdiction) In this capacity he serves The Church of God in Christ, Trinidad and Tobago Jurisdiction, under the auspices of The Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop H. Joseph Griffith, Ph.D., D.Min., D.D. He functions in the area of Christian growth and maturity and in the networking Pastors and Churches in the building of strong relationships, expanding capacities and developing of their vision.

Pastor David Lewis pastors the Faith Christian Fellowship – C.O.G.I.C. in Penal, Trinidad and gives oversight to three other Churches birthed under this ministry and gives care as a Bishop to other covenant ministries. He is married to Lady Patricia Lewis and this union has produced two children, Louis and Lois; both of whom are actively involved in the work of the ministry. Despite his many titles, he is simply a servant of God, who understands that he is a “Mighty Man of God.” His desire is to build people, and his participation in the building of institutions fulfills the holy desire to leave a Godly legacy in the Earth, so that his generation will rise up to call him blessed. He is committed to the expansion of the culture and power of the Kingdom of God through the manifested Glory of God in the loves of the people throughout the earth.

Pastor Alween Tyson

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Pastor Alween Tyson is a Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship Church –C.O.G.I.C. He is a graduate of West Indies School of Theology having also done extensive training in Christian Education and Leadership. He is married to Evangelist Missionary Luchelle Josiah-Tyson and is the son of District Missionary Evelyn Tyson and Thomas Tyson (deceased). A native of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, he loves the natural humour of the islands, and is an enthusiastic producer of ice-cream and the ‘coconut bake’ of his native land. He has also laboured extensively within the Caribbean, working to establish unity, equipping the Body of Christ and the fulfilling of the mandate of salvation and discipleship.

Most of all is his deep love for God and his intense passion to teach the Word of God so that lives can be transformed. He believes that prayer is an essential foundation of one’s life. Hence he has dedicated himself to knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit. He is currently a Lecturer at Joel School of Ministry with a strong emphasis on the application of the practical instructions and principles of God’s Word in one’s everyday life. This servant of God encourages people to see themselves as God sees them and to embark on daily study of the Word of God. He therefore carries as powerful testimony of being taught to read and study through prayer and God’s Word.

Pastor Tyson believes in working with God and not working for God. He lives by this clear differentiation knowing that continuous self-introspection and paying close attention to God will encourage one to wait and abide in God’s presence. Consequently this man of God is committed to the mandate of the above mentioned church; Prayer and Missions. He is currently engaged in the vision of building a ‘City of Praise’ through a community of believers fully equipped to be positioned in the nations of the earth to carry the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and its glory and power.

The world is being impacted by the generous financial investments of the Church as well as the salvation and discipleship of men, women, youth and children. Pastor Tyson holds dear to the bonds of love that is shared with everyone he would come into contact with, for this has revolutionized countless lives. He continues to network across the world carrying the hope and rule of Godly Kingdom culture.

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Pastor Louis Lewis

Youth Pastor
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Pastor Louis Lewis is an ordained Elder and the Youth Pastor of Faith Christian Fellowship Church—C.O.G.I.C., and President of the Church of God in Christ Youth Department—Trinidad and Tobago Jurisdiction. He is also on the Board of Adonna Institution for Orphans. Over the years he has served faithfully under the leadership of his father, Pastor and mentor. Despite his tertiary education qualifications, he has accepted the call of sonship by both God and his parents, Superintendent David Lewis and Evangelist Missionary Patricia Lewis. Together with his sister Lois Lewis, he fulfils the mandate of God upon his life.

He indeed feels privileged to have grown up from a baby within the living church. As a result he has first-hand knowledge and experience in all aspects of the church’s development, role and purpose. Within recent time he has pursued training in Leadership Principles, Financial Management and Problem Solving. He has had Godly angelic visitations and visions that had prepared him for a ‘Gideon’ type experience which resulted in an empowerment to deal with his own insecurities as a young man. He therefore exudes the confidence of a leader knowing personally, its own internal challenges. Pastor Lewis believes that it is this continuous pursuit for Godly equilibrium that has shaped him into a man of God full of persuasion, faith, purpose driven and pro-active in his approach to living. This servant of God is therefore equipped to impart to others strategies to develop and direct your potential to achieve excellence and maximum effect.

Pastor Lewis is a strong believer in personal and corporate development. He desires that the individual must therefore engage in activities that will result in growth to become the best in one’s particular field. He is community minded and faithfully works with the pastoral staff and other organizations to create a tremendous culture of love and giving. He is an avid researcher and believer in lifelong learning. He also has his unique style of humour, is compassionate and passionate toward the youth, and loves football and reading.

Consequently, Pastor Lewis, in fulfilling the church’s mandate of Prayer and Missions has embarked upon many projects with varied strategies in reaching souls at home and globally. He has been integral in developing Youth Camps and continues to engender progress in embracing one’s identity in Christ, knowing one’s right, privileges and authority in God’s Kingdom which would lead to absolute surrender to God.

Pastor Paul Hudson

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Pastor Michael Hudson is a native of Jamaica residing in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He is a graduate of Caribbean Christ for the nations Bible School, Jamaica and was a full time minister at Family Church on the Rock, Jamaica having also served at Jesus Worship Centre Church. He is presently with the Pastoral Staff of Faith Christian Fellowship Church, C.OG.I.C.

He firmly believes that the family unit must enjoy the blessing and joy of serving together in ministry and that we must ensure that the legacy of a Royal Priesthood continues from one generation to another. He is married to Gail Hudson who serves together with him and is an excellent Project and Events Co-ordinator among other roles; his daughter Aria also is in the work of the ministry.

Pastor Hudson is adamant in his belief in the principles of submission to Godly authority and yielding to God. He encourages pursuit toward restoration both personal and as the Body of Christ, and that now is the acceptable time to proclaim spiritual liberty. Efficiency, doing everything based on the significance and sovereignty of God’s Kingdom, living life to influence and impact others, serving so that only God gets the glory, are some of his core beliefs.

He is presently serving the F.C.F.C. Church in Santa Flora, South Trinidad as well as being the Manager of Adonna’s Institute for Orphans. Simply put, one must live life to please God, having humility, knowing God shall reward you in your due season as you remain faithful. Pastor Hudson is pleased to be in this part of the vineyard as he has a passion for prayer initiatives and missions. He continues the effort to build people through outreach ministry; involvement in missions as this Church is deeply involved in missions to India, Guyana, Tanzania, European countries, Asia and the Caribbean.

Pastor Michael Hudson believes in holistic development of people yielded to God and in so doing, the advancement of the Kingdom of the living God. He is therefore serving communities and establishing the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.